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You'll never guess who CAMERON DIAZ is dating.

In real life, which Grey's Anatomy star is engaged?

As a sidenote, this same star will have her own spin-off, Private Practice. Doesn't have a ring to it, but what do you think?

Also, WHAT A SEASON FINALE! How do the writers come up with this stuff? All hail Grey's Anatomy writers!

Spoilers behind the link:

What did EVA LONGORIA  feel she had to confirm?

Hollywood Couple Break-up #1
This couple brought up the question is it ok to date your best firend's ex. I think it's more taboo for girls than guys. Most guys don't see the problem with a girl dating her best friend's ex. Thoughts?

Hollywood Couple Break-up#2

MARILYN MANSON dishes on his ex.
Wonder what he'll say after he breaks up with current squeeze, EVAN RACHEL WOOD. His latest  video includes sex scenes with her. They were thought to be real! They of course deny it, saying that it's simulated. I saw it on E! and it's pretty disturbing. Youtube it if you dare.


Writer's block for major writing assignment that's due TOMORROW.

Profs picking on me and my work. Just impossible to deal with.

And the cherry on my sundae? My period.


Earlier today, a gunman open fired on students at Virginia Tech University.  While Columbine resulted in 23 deaths, today's shooting is being called the worst massacre in United States history with the death toll at 32. 15 more people are injured. Almost all of the casualties were students. RIP

I've Killed Harry Potter!

I cannot believe the parts they are cutting from the new Harry Potter movie! I re-read the book only to torture myself because as I re-read it, I had in my head all these scenes that I wanted to make it in the movie but no....they're the ones that don't make it. 

Remember the scene where Harry finds Mrs. Weasley crying uncontrollably over a boggart that's imitating all her kids dead including Harry? CUT! And I didn't want it to be because it's such a poignant scene especially since it shows how much she cares for Harry. 

Remember all that stuff about how Neville almost became Harry? All that heartbreaking stuff about his parents? CUT! His role is completely dumbdowned in my opinion. 

Arrgh! And the worst of it is that it's apparently going to be the shortest Harry movie yet so they could still have included all that stuff. They better have not screwed it up.

Read the full article here.  

The Trouble with iTunes

What if you want to put songs from a new cd into your iTunes but it's not working even though it did before? Anyone know what could be the reason and how can I fix it? 

I think it might be because for whatever reason, the Audio CD "playlist" option on the left side isn't there so when I insert the cd, the tracks don't even appear on iTunes, and I can't import the songs. How do I put that option back? Any help would be great. Thanks!

PATTY!!! Guess who has a new video!

Have you heard?

Salma Hayek is ENGAGED! AND PREGNANT! Who knew she was dating anyone? Raise your hand! Omigoodness! Their relationship was more private than the one she had with Edward Norton. Even if we don't know much about her fiance, according to , he works for the people behind Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, and Stella McCartney! Lucky, lucky girl!

The Search for the Next Doll

Click the fake cut for my opinions and spoilers of the latest reality show in which the Pussycat Dolls search for a 7th member.



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